EGIA won ALLURE beauty award

News / 14.10.2015

EGIA won ALLURE beauty award

Rejuvenating Face Mask from professional brand EGIA biocare system won the ALLURE BEST OF BEAUTY 2015 expert award in the category «Anti-aging mask».

ALLURE BEST OF BEAUTY annual expert award ceremony was held on October, 13. Throughout the year Allure team traditionally tests new beauty products and fragrances (this year there were 3892 items), consults leading experts concerning active ingredients and makes a final decision, choosing only the best products!

We are very proud to announce, that once again the product from EGIA professional biocare system was awarded ALLURE 2015 prize. This time the jury was impressed by the unexcelled effect of Rejuvenating Face Mask, it became a winner in the category «Anti-aging mask».

Rejuvenating Face Mask is a cream-mask made for withering skin care. It has a sweet natural smell and light texture. It calms, hydrates and lifts the skin, activating its metabolic processes and stimulating cell regeneration. The mask also regenerates and maintains skin barrier functions, improves turgor, skin elasticity and microcirculation. EGIA E.C.A.-3 complex optimally protects cells from the harmful effects caused by the excessive free radicals. AMIDOSPHER maintains ideal moisture level, reducing skin sensibility.

We are extremely pleased that our products were examined by the experts and awarded such a high assessment. Thanks to everyone who have voted for us!