About us

BIOSPHERE is a fast-growth company in the field of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine.

The main base of the company is formed by well-known European brands. All products are able for high-efficiency and superior quality standards. We integrate best practices of the leading foreign developers and manufacturers in creation of innovating products. Our clients are mainly the leaders in the market of cosmetic services in Russia and CIS.

Customer orientation, full range of innovative cosmetic products, highly qualified specialists constantly improving their skills, professional project management and responsive approach to all challenges - all these things build the essential part of company's work.

Our philosophy

Everyone should look better, feel better and live better!
Our experience, opportunities, aspiration for beauty and well-being helped us to create a perfect scheme of cooperation,
which insures the leading position of your business and consumer confidence.

Our profile

Professional skin care products

New generation of skin care products meets your clients' expectations and needs.

Transdermal therapy

Liposomal complexes, ready cocktails and monotherapy products for skin regeneration and rejuvenation, fat depot and cellulite treatment.

Intradermally therapy

Medical devices for intradermal injection of biologically active drugs.

Training center

Training center for the staff & thematic lessons of applying cosmeceutical brands in practice for beginning cosmetologists.

Our brands

Italian cosmeceutical products
products for transdermal therapy

  • BIOSPHERE training center

    BIOSPHERE academy holds modern workshops for cosmetologists at the office of BIOSPHERE beauty company. The training program ensures a high level of professional work with cosmetic brands such as EGIA biocare system, NEODERMA (bio exfoliants), DERMCLAR (products for transdermal therapy).


  • BIOSPHERE training center

    Course program includes basic knowledge of brands, their advantages and correct application. After going through the course the specialists are certified and entitled to buy professional cosmetic products.


  • BIOSPHERE training center

    For cosmetologists living in the different regions of Russia we constantly provide retreats. It allows them to learn more about the brands, their advantages and purposes, as well as to use the products correctly.

Alexey Savostin

Alexey Savostin

Maxim Kudriashov

Maxim Kudriashov


We strive for perfection, providing outstanding service quality to our clients. We cherish our reputation and continue the high standards of our responsibility towards our clients and partners.

years of experience in the beauty industry


beauty salons

dealers in Russia and CIS



Trade Fair INTERCHARM Professional (14-16 April 2016) will be remembered for 3 days of real-life communication, hundreds of guests and non-stop workshops.


BIOSPHERE at SAM-Expo 2016

Beauty company BIOSPHERE took part in the largest aesthetic medicine exhibition SAM-expo 2016 on January, 20-22 in Moscow.


EGIA won ALLURE beauty award

Rejuvenating Face Mask from professional brand EGIA biocare system won the ALLURE BEST OF BEAUTY 2015 expert award in the category «Anti-aging mask».